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Integrative Health Coaching

Woman & Doctor

Evidence-based personalised health coaching

Here at Waterford wellness, we recognize that every person is unique, and we create your health care to be as unique as you are.

We seek to achieve a good outcome using evidence-based practices with regular follow up. 

Integrative health coaching is a personalized and holistic approach to well-being, addressing physical, mental, emotional and social health. It emphasizes positive behavioural changes and encourages individuals to set realistic, sustainable goals. By incorporating techniques such as stress management, mindfullness, sleep and nutrition education and functional movement, intergrative health coaching aims for long-term, sustainable changes rather than quick fixes.

Our client- centered Integrative practitioner empowers clients with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Though personalized guidance, clients can achieve lasting positive changes in their overall health and quality of life.

Please call us at 9450 7770 to make an appointment.

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