Remedial Massage


Warm touch

Our latest addition to the suite of services offered at Waterford Wellness Centre. As a complement to the chiropractic and physiotherapy, a holistic approach of treating muscle injuries and aiding muscular relaxation and recovery is vital to maintain good spinal and postural health. 

We offer a large variety services like remedial therapy, relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, prenatal and postnatal massage and trigger point therapy just to name a few.


Allow our therapist, Kessiah, to sooth the angry muscle fibres leaving you with a more relaxed posture, supplementing a more effective Chiropractic session; or simply to relax those tense and stressed muscles.


Book either an hour session at $85 or a 90min session for $125.

Schedule online, anytime. We'll call you back within 1-2 working days to confirm your appointment.